Usmans Restaurant

Usman restaurant

Located at the corner of Desker Road and Serangoon Road, the establishment has been opened for 19 years serving all time favourites with a convenient location and long opening hours!

Shahid Javaid

Co-owner of Usman Restaurant, founder of the establishment and another; Usman's Kitchenware, selling Kitchenware, Buffetware and other products to help build other establishments.

Rabiah Begum

Co-owner of Usman Restaurant, building the company from the ground up along with Shahid Javaid, being the backbone of the company ever since its opening in May 2003.

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About the company

Opened in May 2003, the establishment has served an abundance of customers from all over the world, with customers travelling specifically to try the specialties such as Naan, Nihari, Chicken Karahi, Haleem and Palak Paneer!